Our company was established in 2008. We are involved in internal transportation, overseas freight and providing shipping accessories and services for ships and other agents of transportation. We can administer inland trucking, inland water transportation and domestic air. Concerning overseas freight, we can manage both ocean and air transport. For ocean transport, we have three brokers that handle customs clearance, three trucking companies with upwards of 70 trucks, and 2 warehouses specializing in LCL cargo, and outstanding relationship with numerous shipping carriers. For air transport, we are able to operate large-scale cargos and minimum size cargo. In addition, we can also provide services to container ships and bulk ships.

No matter the department, our colleagues have the ability to provide the best quality of service based on both their attentiveness to our customers and professional knowledge. As a company, we believe in mutual benefit and will put our best effort in order to allow our overseas agents to gain the most advantages whether that be in reputation or money.