• USD 3,500.00 Annually

Yearly dues provide members access to the Financial Protection Program, covering member-to-member transactions of up to USD 100,000.00. For markets with WCAworld member coverage but not GAA member coverage, there are cross-member benefits of up to USD 25,000 per transaction.

Members of GAA will also have access to the PartnerPay platform, global UPS contract rates for documents and small packages and various insurance products including cargo insurance, E&O and legal liability.

Yes, GAA hosts an annual conference. Navigate to the conference tab to learn more.

GAA is dedicated to helping startup freight forwarders grow and succeed. We do this by giving them access to the largest network of small and medium sized forwarders in the world, the World Cargo Alliance.

GAA believes in, and supports, startup companies. It is why we are offering the financial protection guarantee, nearly unheard of in the industry for new businesses. This will give more mature and established businesses the security to trust and work with new companies like yours.

All Global Affinity Alliance members will be required to register their company for the All World Shipping (AWS) neutral bill of lading when applying for membership. This will immediately give GAA members access to contracts and competitive rates covering nearly every major global trade lane.
World Insurance provides GAA members access to simple, affordable cargo insurance as well as freight services and legal liability insurance.
Yes, and all members are required to complete and sign this document before their membership will be approved. A copy of this document is available in the password protected members section of the GAA site.
Global Affinity Alliance members will have access to the WCAworld Dispute Resolution Program where the parties involved can have their cases heard and tried by an attorney.
The Global Affinity Alliance will only be as strong as the network’s weakest link. We ask GAA members to notify Brian Majerus and the network leadership immediately in order to resolve the problem.
GAA published on September 1, 2015, an updated list of countries where protection is unavailable. You can view the updated list here.