Gold Medallion Upgrade, Increased Coverage

Dear Members,

The current pandemic crisis has negatively affected many members in every world region. Delayed payments by shippers and consignees have inevitably led to unavoidable defaults on the part of cargo agents and this has imposed serious financial hardship on everyone. WCA World, having anticipated its members’ needs at the inception of the crisis, increased the annual aggregate Gold Medallion payout for claims from $2 million USD to $3 million. This has helped a great many WCA, EGLN, GAA and Lognet members survive these difficult times via Gold Medallion compensation for credit previously granted to agents now unable to satisfy its fiscal obligations. Such is the unmatched value of WCA World membership, the only such organization that protects its agents in today’s perilous times.

In an effort to provide additional protection for more than one thousand WCA World agents, effective September 1, 2020 we have taken the initiative to increase Gold Medallion coverage for all members of Global Affinity Alliance and Elite Global Logistics Network from the current USD50K to USD100K, matching that of WCA and Lognet, making GM coverage uniform across the board for ALL members of the WCA World family. This will provide more peace-of-mind for GAA and Elite member-agents, expanding credit options and shared financial security. The cross-network guarantee amounts will remain unchanged.

WCA World is continuously striving to upgrade the benefits provided to its members and the financial protection via the Gold Medallion Plan is perhaps the most essential and vital element of WCA World network programs. You can count on us to be there when you need us!

David L. Yokeum
Dan March