GAA Updates

Dearest GAA Members, 

I wanted to write so everyone is aware of a few changes that have occurred within the GAA.  
We have gone to a single daily broadcast highlighting not only GAA new member announcements, terminations, suspensions, and network news, but all the encompassing networks as well.  This was done to keep Global Affinity members better informed of activities in the other WCA World networks (WCA, Lognet, and Elite Global) as so many GAA members engage in cross-network traffic.  If you have specific company news you want to submit for our spotlight please send to me.  Keep in mind I can’t publish rate tariffs or promote general business services.  Please be on the lookout for the below e-mail header.  

 We have made it easier for you to participate in the WCA Virtual Event taking place this coming November. Considering the circumstances, we have waved the conference requirements and now ALL GAA members can easily access the registration site with your GAA user name and password.  If interested please visit the conference website:
GAA is pleased to announce that the financial protection between GAA members has increased to 100,000 USD per transaction. We discussed this during our last conference and felt with the amount of member-to-member business being put into the network, increasing your coverage was important. Cross Network coverage will remain at 25,000 USD.
With the current pandemic, we have postponed the Cartagena meeting till further notice.  We are trying to put this event on the back end of the Intermodal Brazil meeting August 31st to September 2nd, 2021.  Proposed new dates would be September 5th to 9th, 2021.  Location still to be determined.
I wish you all good health, safety and opportunity these remaining months of 2020.   

Brian Majerus
Managing Director GAA