Why choosing a network like GAA can boost your business

The tagline, “membership has its privileges,” has been cemented into our minds by many a credit card company. Fact is it’s actually a very true statement, especially in regards to the Global Affinity Alliance and its many, un-matched member benefits!

In our last post about the reasons you should choose to be part of our network, we discussed our insurance benefits, our Consol2Xchange program and the exponentially magnified power small and medium freight companies have when they’re part of a network. Now, we can take a deeper look at how the simplification, standardization and safety of a freight network can open doors to drive revenue for small and medium freight companies.

Being part of a freight network, with a global reach, can open doors to worldwide partners; an opportunity that is normally unachievable to small independents Strategic partnerships with GAA member companies  enable you to further expand your business without the risk of financial crisis. Thanks to our world class insurances benefits and partner pay program, GAA members enjoy opportunities designed to increase business visibility and help all parties build profitable relationships. By utilizing GAA’s member-to-member financial protection plan, you can mitigate the risk that comes with new global partnerships.. We understand that most freight companies cannot afford to expose their capital, nor can they risk their shipment reputation on un-tested, overseas partners who are new to the business. With GAA protecting you, and your partners, the weights of financial ruin is literally lifted off your shoulders. Because GAA employs professional, knowledgeable management staff with logistics expertise your concerns and needs are met instantly in case of an emergency or dispute.

Here at GAA, we offer a unique, secure way for you to meet and network with like-minded logistics professionals. Our networking opportunities are a think-tank for companies interested inmutual growth; an opportunity that is supported by talented staff members who are readily available to guide you through your membership experience. GAA makes it possible for you to boost your visibility in new and emerging markets, by helping you connect with the right partner; we take the guess work out of your expansion. Be sure to reach out to GAA today to start your membership and to take advantage of our un-matched member benefits.